Last year we introduced a staff Bonus Ball monthly prize draw in the Greenlight Credit HQ on payday. A very simple concept; everyone pays into the pot; we draw random numbers and then spin a roulette wheel to choose the lucky winner a welcome pay boost!

It started off as a bit of fun but quickly became something everyone was talking about and looking forward to, especially if it’s a rollover month!

We aptly named it the “Bonanza Bonus Ball” and it really captured our imagination.

When you win, it really makes your day and we thought we could create something fun like this for a much bigger audience but with a bit of a difference, so Bonanza Giveaways was born!

Each and every competition has a limited number of entries available to ensure your odds of winning are the very best around. The ticket prices are also very reasonable so you won’t have to break the bank to enter!

Our aim is simple; to bring you the latest luxury prizes with exciting, transparent, low-odds competitions.

If it’s rare, desirable, collectible or hard to obtain we’ll source the world over to offer you, our loyal customers the chance to win items at a fraction of their price by entering one of our many skill-based competitions.

So, what are you waiting for? Simply register and enter and you might just be our next BIG WINNER!

Good luck! ; )

But who are we?

Greenlight Credit, also known as Varooma (and now Bonanza Giveaways!) have been successfully trading in the Financial Services industry since 2012.

We’re an established and reputable market leader with thousands of satisfied customers.

Using our expertise, trust and experience we’ve gained over the years we bring you Bonanza Giveaways!